This Autumn, Rinde is on the Road for Rinde's Odyssey.

Made possible by a grant from the Doris Duke Foundation.

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And What is MY FOOLS?
In Rinde's words...

"They don't disappear, the fools I've created, the losers with big ideas, big voices, hanging out in their narrow rooms, dreaming, dancing, contemplating the world as if they were the philosopher kings, the happy geniuses of their households.  They burrow into my psyche and wait, patiently until they're called, asked to sing again, asked to play the ukelele, the slide guitar, the accordion.  Asked to remember something, speak some truth, mourn. ponder, or stop the world from spinning for a second so we can all catch up.  I love these fools, tender hearted and fierce, observant and silly, tragic and mighty.   I love them for their strangeness, their wisdom, and their vulnerability.  They embarrass me in the best way imaginable.  They humble me.  They insist I keep looking at their shapes and shadows:  better selves, worse selves, broken selves, saved selves.  My life is a blessing of holy fools.  They guide me home on the darkest nights." - Rinde Eckert, 2016

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