Orpheus X and other plays (Dreaming the Americas)

Four plays for music-theatre and performance by accomplished multi-disciplinary playwright-poet-lyricist-composer-storyteller Rinde Eckert. This volume includes his Pulitzer Prize nominated play Orpheus X as well as the plays Horizon, And God Created Great Whales and The Gardening Of Thomas D. With an introduction by scholar Jonathan Chambers, this is an exciting and daring collection by an eminent experimental theatre artist.


Improvisation On the Edge: Notes from On and Off Stage by Ruth Zaporah, with a forward by Rinde Eckert

Directed not only toward actors, dancers, and other performing artists who draw upon improvisation as part of their craft, this Zen-infused memoir of a life lived creatively will pique the interest of anyone in search of liberation from self-limiting concepts. What does it mean to live in a body? What does it mean to improvise? Do we wonder whether we're capable of improvising—to make up things as we go, step into the unknown, take a risk that changes our notion of ourselves and the world?


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Rinde in other books

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Conversations with Rinde (Print)

  • “Melville Birthday Lecture: “What Melville Means to Me”: A Panel Discussion with Rinde Eckert and Ricardo Pitts-Wiley,” by Robert K. Wallace, Rinde Eckert, Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, Leviathan, Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2007

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