Sandhills Reunion

Label: Songlines Recordings
ReleaseD: November 1, 2004

Rinde Eckert - voice
Francois Houle - clarinet
Jeff Reilly - bass clarinet
David Mott - baritone sax
Cristoph Both - cello
Christian Kogel - electric and acoustic guitars
J. Anthony Granelli - bass, lap steel guitar
Jerry Granelli - drums, samples

From Songlines: "A multi-layered interweaving of words and music that Granelli calls an audio movie or play. The text, written and performed by actor/playwright/singer Rinde Eckert, is a glancingly linked sequence of reflections, imaginings, internal monologues and one historically accurate dialogue (“Twenty Questions for an Outlaw”) using the persona of Billy the Kid as a thematic touchstone and the Sandhills region of northwestern Nebraska as the landscape of memory and desire."

"Jerry Granelli asked me to put a text to a suite of pieces he had already composed.  The original texts had to be tossed because of some legal complications.  So I listened to the thing and wrote my own story.  I’d just gotten back from Nebraska (my first residency toward the making of Horizon).  I’d been taken to the Sandhills, that glorious prairie that comprises pretty much all of northwest Nebraska. There is something simple and grand here.  Again, I would suggest you sit with it for the duration.   Beautiful, sensitive playing.  Subtle.  Also, these little stories are some of the best stories I’ve ever written." - Rinde Eckert