Story In, Story Out

Label: Intuition
ReleaseD: 1997

"Here are two narrative suites of about twenty-six minutes each.   The first, Three Days In The Sun chronicles a magical hitchhiking trip I took in ’74.   The last, Four Songs Lost In A Wall is the compliment to the first.  Actually it’s the other way around, Four Songs came before Three Days.  In any case one is about the vastness of the Western landscape and the other is an urbane and charged interior landscape, thus: Story In Story Out.  This you have to listen to from beginning to end.  Take an hour, sit back and let it do its thing.  When you arrive at the last cut Winding The World, I think you’ll see what I mean." - Rinde Eckert

Three Days In The Sun:
Rinde Eckert- vocals, 10-string slide guitar, harmonica, organ, pipe
with Jerry Granelli & UFB
Christian Kögel - electric & acoustic guitars
Kai Brückner - electric & acoustic guitars
Andreas Walter - bass
Jerry Granelli - drums, percussion

Four Songs Lost in a Wall:
Rinde Eckert - voices, piano, organ, baritone horn with
Jim Kassis - drums
Will Bernard - electric guitar
Clark Suprynowicz - acoustic & electric bass