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Seven Natural Phenomena at National Sawdust

  • National Sawdust 80 North 6 Street Brooklyn, NY (map)
Kenny Wolleson, drums and percussion and things, as a child. A natural phenomenon all his own.

A music work in seven parts based on seven different texts for five musicians: Rinde Eckert on vocals and various instruments and things, Will Bernard on guitar and keyboard and other things, Kenny Wollesen on drums and percussion and things, Don Falzone on bass and other things, and Jeffrey Zeigler on cello and other things.

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Rinde's Words on Seven Natural Phenomena... 

“For years Pablo Neruda’s Leviathan has haunted me.  I was introduced to it through a translation by Ben Beliitt.  I’ve always wanted to do something with that poem.  With this quintet of musicians Kenny Wollesen, Jeffrey Zeigler, Will Bernard, and Don Falzone it feels like the time.  National Sawdust feels like the place.

So probably twenty minutes of the program will be devoted to that poem and translation.

Similarly, W.H. Auden’sSeptember 1,1939 has been with me for some time and calls to me now in these somewhat dark times.  Have to devote at least ten minutes to that

Michael Palmer’sCompany of Moths.  Like a moth to the flame, I’m drawn to this one.

William Carlos Williams   Danse Russe.  One night when I couldn’t sleep and my father couldn’t either, he came into the kitchen laid the poem before me and said,  “this one’s for you”.  My father was occasionally very wise.  I miss him.

then you in winter who as e.e. cummings is and is again the poet and kind of kind and kindred joy and aptly because it’s winter 2 music

Finally or maybe in the middle two short ones by Harris Moore the anonymous poet of Dunham:  On the Miraculous Revival of Tess P. Thought Dead and Thrown into The Sea,  and Translating What the Singer Sang in His Unknown Language

That’s it 7 poems, 6 poets, 5 musicians, 4 you and 3 friends, 2 be performed 1 night at National Sawdust on 2 – 10 – 2016.  You do the math.  If you’re not intrigued by this, there’s no help for you, I’m afraid.”

--Rinde Eckert

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