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Sandhills Reunion at The Stone Barn

Part of Jerry Granelli's Residency

Jerry Granelli celebrates 76 years of life and 60 years of music performance in a residency at The Stone in NYC. Rinde will be joining him and fellow musicians for a live show of Sandhills Reunion on January 8th.

TEXT By Rinde Eckert
Rinde Eckert (Voice)
Jerry Granelli (drums)
Ben Goldberg (clarinet)
Ned Rothenberg  (bass clarinet)
Andy Lassiter (baritone saxophone)
Jeff Zeigler (cello)
Christian Kogel (guitar)
J Granelli (bass)

Sunday, January 08 at 8:00 pm

located at the corner of
Avenue C and 2nd Street, Manhattan, New York City