Rinde Eckert performs RIN: Tales from the Life of a Troubador at The Kennedy Center (review)

February 7, 2017
By Susan Galbraith
DC Theatre Scene

To the degree that a creative artist can draw you into his world and make you follow him regardless, to merge with his very humanity, that is the measure of his worth. By this measurement, Rinde Eckert is pure gold.

Composer, librettist, director, singer, actor and “expressive” mover, Eckert has always found his own way and seems endlessly inventive.

I had first seen his work many years ago in Baltimore where he performed one of his 277 performances of And God Created Great Whales, about the psychological dissolving of boundaries between Captain Ahab and the whale Moby Dick. It had burned into my brain as a powerful and deeply moving theatrical experience.

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